10 packing tips you should know

Through my many travels, I have learned to pack strategically, taking into account every posible detail of my forthcoming sojourn. I want to share with you 15 of my best packing tips:

1. It sounds silly, but the first thing you should do is make a packing list so you can make sure you don´t forget anything.

2. Investigate your airline´s baggage-fee policy.

3. The idea is to create a lot of outfits from a small array of pieces. Pack a few basic pieces and be smart with your accessories to create the illusion of an entire wardrobe.

4. Keep your valuable and essential belongings (like jewelry and electronics) in your carry-on bag, not in your checked luggage.

5. Plastic bags (ziplocs) are your best friend. They are useful for keeping dirty or wet clothes separate from clean clothes, storing beauty products and generally keeping your bag organized and security proof.

6. Travel light and leave space in your suitcase. Use the extra room for souvenirs and shopping items.

7. Roll your clothes: it takes up less space and makes them less wrinkly.

8. Shoes should be separated from each other (otherwise they take up too much room) and inside of a fabric bag. And remember, you can storage some items inside them, like socks.

9. Always pack a swimsuit, even if you are travelling in winter. They are small and light and you may find a great pool or spa at your hotel.

10. Small items (like underwear) should always be added last.
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