5 Reasons To Make Vietnam Your Next Adventure Trip

Vietnam is one of the most remarkable travel destinations of the year, a land filled with enchantment and lovely people, ready to make you a part of their captivating culture.

Its fascinating history and beautiful landscapes create the perfect energy for a one of a kind trip, which should be on the top of your next bucket list. 


In no particular order, we wanted to give you five reasons that will help you understand the magic that surrounds this Southeast Asian country.


1. Hanoi

This is the capital of Vietnam and its second largest city. Here, you can find a charming blend of the new dynamic Asia with the colorful vibe of the old Asia. The gem of Hanoi is Tran Quoc, its most historic pagoda built in the mid-6th century. For a little culture, you can also visit the National Museum of Fine Arts, with an impressive collection of ancient antiquities to contemporary art.

Another must see of this city is the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, where President Ho announced Vietnams Independence in 1945.       


2. Mekong Delta

Located in this region of southwestern Vietnam is the Mekong River. A place that holds the rhythms for boats and floating houses and markets that served as backdrops for incredible landscapes. 

The Mekong Delta is an agricultural region nicknamed “Vietnam´s Rice Basket” as it feeds more than a third of the country, thanks to its rich plantations.    


3. Sapa

If exploring is what you like, this is the best location to visit!  Also known as the Tonkinese Alps, Sapa is a hill station town in Northern Vietnam.

This extraordinary place surrounded by nature is ideal for trekking, especially in the Hoang Lien Son Mountains. Additionally, Its traditional villages are perfect for tourist to experience the local food and customs of the tribes.          


4. My Son

The impressive archaeological site known as My Son is located near the Duy Phú village. This ancient place is not only one of the most prominent sites of Southeast Asia, but it also served as center of religious Hindu ceremonies, where numerous temples were built to worship god Shiva by the kings of Champa, between the 4th and the 14th century. In 1999 UNESCO recognized My Son as a world heritage site.   


5. Ha Long Bay

This popular travel destination is a must do while in Vietnam. Imagine emerald green waters and thousands of limestone islands surrounded by rainforests… that is Ha Long Bay! This breathtaking natural landmark (whose name translates as ",(he dragon descends into the sea,ter body.slest and where the dragon descends into the sea") has 1960 islets and grottos. You can find this paradise 80 miles east of Hanoi.      


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