5 Things to make of your travel a memory of a lifetime

When I travel I do not like to feel that I am leaving something behind, so I have made this list with the things I consider MUSTs when it comes to traveling. Check them out, and please be my guest to add or comment any suggestion!


Nowadays it seems impossible to be without our phones. It should be forbidden to take them out while we have lunch or sharing with friends, but they actually become pretty handy when it comes to traveling, due to the great amount of apps that are made to make of our travel a piece of cake. (Check my previous article Must-have apps for traveling). These benefits will surely make your trip memorable.

Dry Bags 

Dry bags are just great. They don’t occupy much space and they guarantee your belongings to be dry and safe regardless your destination is the beach, the snow or a rainy city.


Keep the moment forever! There are plenty of options for recording those special moments of your trip, from your smartphone camera, a light camera, to a professional one. It’s important to be clear in where you go and what you want to make the right choice. For example if you’re going on an adventure travel, or extreme sports one, a Go pro should be the chosen one. Consider all the details to make all your memories become photos!

Selfie stick

If you have picked your smartphone, go pro or a light camera, the selfie stick is mandatory. It makes possible great photo angles and no one will be missing! It’s great for honeymooners who want to be in all their pics together.


Photography is a great way to keep our memories fresh, but the written testimony is a treasure. If you take the time to write the best of your experience while traveling,  you will literally travel in time and space while you read it. It sounds a bit old fashion but it’s a great way to keep any detail you want to.

Beside this five, all you need is a great itinerary and good company. Contact me for an itinerary that will make of your experience a story to remember.

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