5 Books that will make the waiting time fly

If waiting is not your cup of tea, you may want to bring some books or e-books with you when traveling.  Waiting is not that glamorous, but there are situations in which the plane is delayed or when we choose a really faraway destination, and we cannot do anything but wait. In any of these cases, books are a great companions whether you are traveling on your own or with another bookworm. 

We want to suggest a list of five books released this year that will make your waiting time fly. 
The folded Clock: a Diary by Heidi Julavits
If you keep a journal you might find this book pretty interesting. The author kept a journal to herself, reopened it several years later, and wrote this book which will make you feel like you’re at a soiree with a friend. The folded Clock definitively will make the hours become minutes.
How Music Got Free: The End of an Industry, the Turn of the Century, and the Patient Zero of Piracy by Stephen Witt
Now, if you like music and non-fiction books, this might be the right choice. If you also lived through the LP, the cassettes, the CD’s and the mp3 revolution, this is the answer to the waiting. The era of internet clearly changed the way we consume music. The history of digital music piracy is brought to us by the journalist Stephen Witt in How the Music got free. This captivating book seems to be closer to a thriller than a history book.
Hold Still: a Memoir with Photographs by Sally Mann 
Contemporary art or photography should interest you to deeply enjoy this book. After all the scandal that the American artist Sally Mann has become because of her family photographs, she writes this autobiographical book in which the image and the text are intimately related. It is a beautifully told revealing story. 
One thousand things that worth knowing by Paul Muldoon 
This collection of poems written by the Pulitzer Prize-winning poet may be the solution to the time you’ll spend on that plane. This author is well known as "the most formally ambitious and technically innovative of modern poets" according to Nick Laird's assessment in The New York Review of Books. If you like poetry don’t hesitate, this book will make you enjoy every minute you spend waiting.
Get in Trouble by Kelly Link
If short stories are what you want, you have nine fantastic stories in Get in Trouble. Link offers us a mundane approach to eccentric and extraordinary stories which everyone should have in their bookshelf, and in this case in their carry-on.
Bonus: When traveling with kids we recommend you to consult the Oxford Companion to Children’s Literature by Daniel Hahn where you might find the perfect book for your kids, according to their preferences and age.
Reading and traveling are absolutely two of my favorite things, mixing them make the perfect experience. I want you to have a perfect experience as well, so follow the little tips I give through this blog, and make sure to contact me to any further traveling information! 
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