How to make the best out of your #LuxuryTravel

There are special occasions and vacations that are the perfect reason to organize an unforgettable #LuxuryTravel. If you want to give yourself the trip you deserve and make every dollar count, follow these tips to make your dreams become your next destination:

Where to stay

The itinerary of your trip is the key to choose the place where you’ll stay. The time you plan to spend in the hotel should be directly proportional to the investment on it. If one of your destinations includes relaxing and enjoying all the benefits and facilities of the hotel, then you have to splurge on it.  But, in the other hand, if you’re going to a city where you plan to be outside most of the day, you can stay in a boutique hotel with a good location. When you have multiple destinations, the balance is crucial.

Establish priorities

Draw upon the benefits that each place you’ll go is distinguishable for. I recommend to my clients to use the spa where it’s really worth it.., same with having dinner at a  Michelin-starred restaurant,. Consider  saving on spa and fancy restaurants and enjoy instead personalized tours and special activities. It’s up to your preferences. Save for the best and spend just what is needed in the rest.


If your destination includes flying, joining to your airline frequent travelers’ plan always brings benefits. If you’re a recurrent flyer you’ll get discounts, upgrades, and free tickets. This is always a great option to spend on what you want to, rather than on what you have to.
It’s a good deal, as well, to become a member or preferred guest in hotel chains (remember to choose always the bests), to get free nights, upgrades, and more. The more you use this membership the more benefits you’ll have.

Your travel in the hands of an expert

Last but not least, organize your trip guided by a #LuxuryTravel advisor. A travel advisor has the knowledge, the experience, the contacts, and more. We work to make your travel the best. Besides, we have alliances with companies like Virtuoso, and Traveller Made, which represents a great plus.  These associations allow agencies to extend their clients discounts, upgrades , and special amenities that can make a big difference in your travel budget.

These are just a few ideas to consider when planning your trip. #LuxuryTravel should not be outrageous; it should be comfort, elegance and quality. And above all, a great experience.
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