6 Reasons to travel advised by an expert

There are few things that are better than traveling, but one is definitively traveling well advised. Despite of the fact that everyone is now able to search online and plan a trip, it takes an important investment of time and uncertain results.

I will show you 6 reasons of how being well advised guarantees you to have the travel of a lifetime.

Just what you want

Once you know what kind of travel you are looking for, your travel assistant will be able to give you a lot of options that you didn’t even know existed. You will not only have a personalized experience, you’ll enjoy the smallest details.


Travel assistants have a vast knowledge in everything that relates to traveling. From places, hotels and restaurants, to saving time and stress, we are loaded with tips to make your travel amazing. We read and train in new technologies and costumer trends to be updated and make everything easier for you.


Besides planning other people’s luxury travels, traveling is one of the things that any travel assistant does the most. The information on the web seems to be dependable, but we have background info on many places, hotels and restaurants that is not published on their websites.
Remember we love traveling as much as you do, and one of the things we have to do before recommending is trying. I couldn’t recommend a roof top tour in Stockholm if I haven’t done it before!


In every destination we recommend, we have people we know. Those people might be able to help you and guide you through your arrival and assist you with your needs. This often guarantees a better service given to you.

God is in the details

Secrets like the room with the perfect view, the best coffee in town or the small night club with the greatest live concerts, are just a few examples of what your travel agent knows that can take your luxury trip from ordinary to extraordinary.


A travel agent can help you solve issues that might happen during your travel like missing a flight connection or finding your hotel room unsatisfactory. Your travel agent becomes your advocate when any situation tries to wake you up from the luxury travel of your dreams.

These are just six reasons, but you definitively must try the experience of traveling well advised by an expert. If you have, please share your experience to add more reasons to this blog!

Luxury travel is not just a vacation thing, it’s a lifestyle. Let’s do it well advised.

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